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  • 04:00 New Sizzy Rocket - Amphetamine (Audio)

    Sizzy Rocket - Amphetamine (Audio)

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    All the rebels call me baby after midnightAnd I love it, yeah I love it when sirens go byI'mma bathe this city in my red light, I'm in troubleI am not myself in the daytime Ooh, oohI don't need a reason to get that, to get that highAmphetamine, gonna give

  • 04:36 New Vallis Alps - East

    Vallis Alps - East

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    I've been waiting on tonightCrystal eyes, crystal eyesI've been looking in your eyesWe're on the rise, on the rise Daylight calls, rising from the east againMy mind is woke but my heart it never sleptAnd truth be told, I'm ready for the sky to lightWith t

  • 03:13 New The Acacia Strain - Bitter Pill

    The Acacia Strain - Bitter Pill

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    Your silver tongue has turned to shitAs time passes on you will wither with itThese are the days you will never get backYou're fucking trappedWe exist inside a wastelandRolling fields of agonyBodies hanging lifelessIn a forest of dying treesThe last great

  • 03:37 New The Flatliners - Indoors

    The Flatliners - Indoors

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    Well I've been thinkingThat I've been running in circles againAnd I've been hiding indoorsGod damnMy skin it don't take too well to them Keep me from coming downFooled enough to feel anything different nowFooled enough to feel, to feel, to feel Cause I've

  • 03:40 New Miami Horror - Dark Love (Audio)

    Miami Horror - Dark Love (Audio)

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    I can hear dancingI can hear moonlightI can hear footsteps following you through the nightI can see chancesI can see hazard lightsI can see you and I in the avenues in my mindI can see youDark love light me upTake me to the places you’re dreaming of

  • 02:58 New Zara Larsson - I Can't Fall In Love Without You [Audio]

    Zara Larsson - I Can't Fall In Love Without You [Audio]

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    I feel so happyHappy that I'm freeAnd I can see thingsThings I couldn't see I can be out every night (yeah, yeah, yeah)No one else holding me down (yeah, yeah, yeah)I can do just what I like (yeah, yeah, yeah) But I can't fall in love without youI can't f

  • 02:56 New Khrebto ft. Aiaya - After All

    Khrebto ft. Aiaya - After All

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    We'll be back on the ceilingI've been stumbling around, figuring outHow to get what I'm missingI'll shoot for the moon, won't give up too soon I've been your valentineFor so longI was all yours and you were mineFor so longDon't any stars have died?No, noA

  • 03:33 New Mura Masa & Charli XCX - 1 Night (Official Video)

    Mura Masa & Charli XCX - 1 Night (Official Video)

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    You are something special, oh-woahTwenty carats of lit goldWhat we had was precious, oh-woahBut I had to let you go We had a connection, oh-woahBut I'm not the type of girl who wantsSerious affection, oh-woahIt doesn't belong in my world It was only was o

  • 03:52 New Sufjan Stevens - Saturn (Official Video)

    Sufjan Stevens - Saturn (Official Video)

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    feat.Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister Meloncholy creatureParanoid secretHypothetic victim of predictionI'll consume the child that trails me The youngest of childrenA cannibal addictionInnocent victimBite mark, body partWhen in secret siegeWe ea

  • 03:00 New The Chainsmokers - The One (Audio)

    The Chainsmokers - The One (Audio)

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    You know, I'm sorryI won't make it to your partyGot caught up in my own selfishnessIt won't let me be a part of thisAnd I know I've startedDrifting off every secondI can't wait to leave as soon as I arriveI count the seconds Down and down we goWe'll torch

  • 04:19 New Brooke Candy ft. Sia - Living Out Loud (Official Video)

    Brooke Candy ft. Sia - Living Out Loud (Official Video)

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    Twenty-five ounces in a bottle of wineTwenty-four hours it's a day at a timeTwenty-three lived a hell of a lifeTwenty-two such a blur, it's passing me byTwenty-one I caught a glimpse of the lightTwenty drinks later in the back of a rideNineteen momma kick

  • 03:03 New Lindita - World (Official Video)

    Lindita - World (Official Video)

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    We’re so alike, yet differentAt a loss for words, stutteringIt don’t make sense, what’s happening?I just don’t understand What’s this fight all for?What’s the cost of life in this world?Almost impossibleIs to let the lo