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  • 02:42 Terrible Truths - See Straight (audio)

    Terrible Truths - See Straight (audio)

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    Dry as ocean eyes /x2Dry as Dry as ocean eyes /x2Dry as I can't see straightI can see and think and can fall liesThere's my blood from othersJust grab some time (x2)Take a little load offMake time to speak soft Dry as ocean eyes /x2Dry as You come as Dry

  • 03:25 Nathaniel - Addicted (Audio)

    Nathaniel - Addicted (Audio)

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    That lady, I see her walking like she run the townThat lady, got me so high that I can't see the groundYeah, every time you freak your hair, I'm losing my mindEverything you're giving me is what I like You give me just enoughTo keep my body burningGive me

  • 03:33 Nathaniel - Animals (Audio)

    Nathaniel - Animals (Audio)

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    It's divine interventionTo know there's something spiritualI felt so connected Our bodies are electricalI have been a satellite with you I wanna goTo places that we never been beforeTake you and our passionsAnd leave them at the front door Now we move lik

  • 03:50 Nathaniel - Extinct (Audio)

    Nathaniel - Extinct (Audio)

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    We got endangered heartsAnd I don't know what to doWe can't get back to the startWe got everything to lose Don't wanna live this fading memoryDon't wanna be just a page in historyI want you, I want youGotta be, gotta be out of our mindWhat we're throwing

  • 04:22 Farruko - Visionary (audio)

    Farruko - Visionary (audio)

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    Warning You're in a restricted area Warning Please identify yourself Visionary Acces granted System uploaded Updating protocol Please read the picture Farru Welcome to visionary Are you ready Carbon Fiber music Let's go Muchos intentaron no pudieron parar

  • 03:40 Farruko - Illusion (Cover Audio) / Letra

    Farruko - Illusion (Cover Audio) / Letra

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    Visionary No puedo disimular Tengo que mirarte Aunque seas prohibida No me importa y mi vida la daría Por poder besarte Aunque no estés dispuesta Cambiarás la respuesta Si me dejas entrar Dentro de tu piel Sentirte mas cerca Avanza y

  • 02:55 RAC ft. SPEAK - One House (Audio)

    RAC ft. SPEAK - One House (Audio)

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    I don't know why I'm hanging out forOutside, unstoppableI could be anywhere I want toBut I always end up on the first floorI said I won't be hanging out againSo, it's just like any other here Tell me 'cause I want to know how I amA beautiful way to figure

  • 03:59 Kario y Yaret - Para que Esperar / Letra

    Kario y Yaret - Para que Esperar / Letra

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    Esto no es fácil decirlo, pero Siento que ya nos toca Mi corazón no aguanta Hay que dejar los miedos Rompamos el hielo baby Me has explicado tu manera de pensar Que quieres esperar y ahora me toca expresar Te tiene que dejar llevar dé

  • 04:32 Tove Lo - Moments (Official Video) / Lyrics

    Tove Lo - Moments (Official Video) / Lyrics

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    I grew up with a lot of green Nice things 'round me I was safe, I was fine Grew up with a lot of dreams Plans who to be None of them, none were mine I love freaks, I don't care if you're a wild one /x2And me... I, I'm not the prettiest you've ever seen Bu

  • 06:19 Florence + The Machine - Delilah (Official Video) / Lyrics

    Florence + The Machine - Delilah (Official Video) / Lyrics

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    Drifting through the halls with the sunrise (Holding on for your call) Climbing up the walls for that flashing light (I can never let go) Cause I'm gonna be free and I'm gonna be fine (Holding on for your call) Cause I'm gonna be free and I'm gonna be fin

  • 03:56 Carla's Dreams - Te Rog (Official Audio) / Versuri

    Carla's Dreams - Te Rog (Official Audio) / Versuri

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    Poate prea departe s-a ajunsSi lipsa ta imi aduce doar durere in plusEmotii prin cabluDar acolo tu nu esti si eu nu-s N-am fost un sfantDar nici tu n-ai fost, punand puncte fara rostE prima data cand poti sa caziCand poti sa cazi de jos in sus Si mi-ai la

  • 04:09 SEAL - Padded Cell [AUDIO]

    SEAL - Padded Cell [AUDIO]

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    I love my life, I'm a trusting manMany people confused me,But I'm a very good handI'm a real estate,You can live on meAlways whenever you need meAnd when you can't see So many people like me lies aheadI'm in a padded cell, oh oh oh ooh oh oh /x2 (There's