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  • 03:39 Carrie Underwood - The Girl You Think I Am (Audio)

    Carrie Underwood - The Girl You Think I Am (Audio)

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    Front row center in that little white church I was singing at a baby laying in a manger Eight years old wearing angel wings Yeah, and to this day, that's what you see I've been daddy's little girl since my last cry And it was hard turning eighteen, saying

  • 03:30 Carrie Underwood - Choctaw County Affair (Audio)

    Carrie Underwood - Choctaw County Affair (Audio)

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    Well, life's been kind of trippy down here in Mississippi Since Cassie O'Grady disappeared And me and my Bob Shaver been in all the newspapers Every day for nigh on a year They say we got tangled in a love triangle A fatal game of truth or dare But the tr

  • 03:57 Carrie Underwood - What I Never Knew I Always Wanted (Audio)

    Carrie Underwood - What I Never Knew I Always Wanted (Audio)

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    Never was the kind to think about dressing in white Wasn't waiting on a prince to come riding into my life Thought I was happy on my own 'Til you came and proved me wrong I finally found what I never knew I always wanted I couldn't see; I was blind 'til m

  • 03:29 Carrie Underwood - Mexico (Audio)

    Carrie Underwood - Mexico (Audio)

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    Red sun, saltwater dripping, haze Stick-shift, summer Sahara, chains We ain't alone Blue lights on the horizon Dust clouds filling the sky If they get the cuffs on us It's 25 to life Run, run, your own direction And I'll lead 'em down a different road Tak

  • 04:24 Carrie Underwood - Chaser (Audio)

    Carrie Underwood - Chaser (Audio)

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    I need something strong tonight I'm needing me a 100-proof Something to erase my mind Rid me of the thought of you Ain't gonna water it down when I say it out loud I'm gonna mean it when I'm telling you goodbye You're looking in my eyes, but seeing somebo

  • 03:23 Carrie Underwood - Clock Don't Stop (Audio)

    Carrie Underwood - Clock Don't Stop (Audio)

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    Red dress, spilled wine Caught in a stupid fight He's wrong, she's right (No kiss goodnight) Ring ring, telephone Act like I'm not home Can't hear the tears cry (On the other end of the line) And the minutes turn to hours And they're flying like a jet pla

  • 03:24 Carrie Underwood - Relapse (Audio)

    Carrie Underwood - Relapse (Audio)

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    If anyone asks, you never saw me And I know you know better than to call me Let's just hide out under the covers One more secret between two old lovers What can it hurt? I ain't hung up on you I ain't in love with you This is just time that I'm wasting On

  • 03:26 Carrie Underwood - Dirty Laundry (Audio)

    Carrie Underwood - Dirty Laundry (Audio)

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    That lipstick on your collar, well, it ain't my shade of pink And I can tell by the smell of that perfume, it's like forty dollars too cheap And there's a little wine stain on the pocket of your white cotton thread Well, you drink beer and whiskey, boy, a

  • 03:15 Carrie Underwood - Church Bells (Audio)

    Carrie Underwood - Church Bells (Audio)

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    Jenny grew up wild, like a blackfoot daisy Out in the shack with a blue tick hound Broke as hell, but blessed with beauty The kind that a rich man can't turn down She caught the eye of an oil man dancing One summer night in a dime store dress She had the

  • 03:51 Carrie Underwood - Heartbeat (Audio)

    Carrie Underwood - Heartbeat (Audio)

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    I love it when we're at a party in a down-town crowd Oh but I can hear you call me baby with the music up loud Red wine, good times, no I don't mind being with everyone else And then there's nights like tonight that I, I want you to myself And tonight I w

  • 02:23 Juan Luis Guerra - Para Que Sepas (Audio) / Letra

    Juan Luis Guerra - Para Que Sepas (Audio) / Letra

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    Para que sepas tú Yo, vivo pensando en ti Para que sepas tú Mi corazón suspira Y hace pum si te ve Hoy te confieso amor Lo digo para mi para mi Si Nueva York tiene El puente de Brooklyn Yo te tengo a ti Vivo soñando, buscandoCo

  • 04:06 Malú - Cenizas (Audio) / Letra

    Malú - Cenizas (Audio) / Letra

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    Se nos escapó El cielo entre las manos Como la emoción Del último verano. Sé desdibujó El mapa de tus labios La historia de este amor Ya es árbol quemado. Ya no hay salvación Ni oxígeno para este cie