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  • 03:16 Sonny Flame feat. Jon Baiat Bun - Tu Furi Inima Oricui (Audio) / Versuri

    Sonny Flame feat. Jon Baiat Bun - Tu Furi Inima Oricui (Audio) / Versuri

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    Tu furi inima oricui, ai sufletul de piatraLasi numai vitime in urma ta, ai un dosar cu pataCa un criminal in serie, premieditar iti pregatesti faptaSi toti se sperie cand ajung sa iti descopere fata I-am indepartat pe toti, doar ca sa stau cu tineFamilie

  • 04:11 RKM - Sentimiento (Audio Oficial) / Letra

    RKM - Sentimiento (Audio Oficial) / Letra

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    Baby Como es posible que este sentimiento Se haya quedado con mi cuerpo Con mi mente, con mis pensamientos Yo ya no como, si no es pensando en ti Yo ya no duermo, como decirte que te amo Mi amor que bien se siente tenerte a mi lado Jugando a mi favor Quie

  • 04:41 Almighty - White House Down (Audio)

    Almighty - White House Down (Audio)

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    Nos acaban de informar que la casa blanca ha caido White house is down. Carbon Fiber Music Hoy me levante con inquietudes Farru, note que te ayude va manterse humilde cuando sube Por eso te hablo claro y siempre digo Que el que mencione a Carbon va a tene

  • 02:48 Yaga - Sexo Y Locura (Vídeo Lyric) / Letra

    Yaga - Sexo Y Locura (Vídeo Lyric) / Letra

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    Que rico se siente Cuando hacemos el amor Y verte desnuda Gritando de pasión Mucho sexo y locuraLlevarte directito a la luna Darte besos, en las chichi Que los sientas y te de calentura (x2) Se siente rico, no voy con mito Me gusta tu cuerpo, eso e

  • 03:19 Karmin - Come With Me (Audio)

    Karmin - Come With Me (Audio)

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    I know a place that I can go And nowadays I call it home Some argue that it’s make believeOh if only their eyes could see That the forest is full of evergreens And that none of the stars are out of reach They can shoot us across the canopy Make your

  • 03:39 Tove Lo - Scars (Audio)

    Tove Lo - Scars (Audio)

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    Scars we carryCarry with memories, memories burned by the darkTry to see clearlyTears we buryBury in vain cause the pain got us falling apartTry to see clearly Now let the healing startThe fires out of gunsWe keep it in our heartsWe're like a thousand sun

  • 06:29 Disclosure ft. The Weeknd - Nocturnal (Audio)

    Disclosure ft. The Weeknd - Nocturnal (Audio)

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    Street lights, turn on one by oneMy hope is, descending like the sunTry to tell myself there's freedom in the loneliness (Oh baby)Always restless, story of my lifeDisconnected, body clock's not rightTry to tell myself that I'mma get some sleep tonight Fou

  • 03:10 Eric Prydz ft. Rob Swire - Breathe (Audio)

    Eric Prydz ft. Rob Swire - Breathe (Audio)

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    Sun's always fallingWeightless and freeNow when you close your eyesJust breathe, breathe with me Let goReleaseLet go of the way you're feelingRelease, over and under till you return to me The sky's always fallingWeight underneathAnd when you close your ey

  • 03:34 Sophie Beem ft. Fetty Wap - I Got It (Audio)

    Sophie Beem ft. Fetty Wap - I Got It (Audio)

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    (x2)You want itI got itYou want itBaby, I got it Babe, you better understandThe things I do they're all for youIt's only part of the planCome a little closer nowI'll let you in, I'll show you howFeels like a dangerous game (x2)I say "hey yo, let's goI kno

  • 03:33 Yuna - Places To Go (Audio)

    Yuna - Places To Go (Audio)

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    (x2)I got, I gotI got places toActin' like they feelin' my pain, my painI got places to go I feel like we should get togetherThen maybe I, I'll feel so much betterAnd this rainy weather ain't helpin'Boys in leather jacketsThey are walkin' byYeah they remi

  • 03:55 Maki Feat. María Artés Lamorena - Loca (Lyrics) / Letra

    Maki Feat. María Artés Lamorena - Loca (Lyrics) / Letra

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    Yo que le dije que no Rompiéndole el corazón Después de un beso que pudo ser Y ahora borracho pa esos labios callejean Que me arrepiento de su marcha Ya lo se Yo que egoísta me fuiVivo mirando hacia atrás Que no merece l

  • 02:19 Witt Lowry - Common Sense (Freestyle) (Audio)

    Witt Lowry - Common Sense (Freestyle) (Audio)

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    See we both are the shitI just came out of the ovariesYou came up out of the assAnd wonder why Witt is sounding so madWell you talk about the best and bring me up lastYou rap about bitches and bitches and cashYou looking for real, when I'm fit for the tas