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  • 04:26 Foy Vance - Bangor Town (Lyrics)

    Foy Vance - Bangor Town (Lyrics)

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    I set my sailsAnd betrothed, the wind will guide meTo draw upon the North East shoreOf the emerald islandCounty Down Where Bangor townIs now and forever callingAnd recalls me by the shoreAt peace, in Silence I sit down by the waterAnd I glory at my hostLe

  • 03:40 Foy Vance - Burden (Live)

    Foy Vance - Burden (Live)

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    Let me carry your burdenIf something’s not right I will let you knowLike the paint that’s drying on a heart that’s brokeLet me carry your burden Get you back on a high when you’re feeling lowWhen the weight’s too heavy but yo

  • 02:44 Foy Vance - Coco (Official Video)

    Foy Vance - Coco (Official Video)

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    Coco, what do you know?Do you know that the hills are covered in snowWhere does it come from and where does it goTell me do you know, Coco? Coco, what do you know?Do you know why the workmen are digging that hole?Making a mess of every single roadTell me

  • 03:43 Foy Vance - Casanova (Live)

    Foy Vance - Casanova (Live)

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    Sorry ‘bout the waythat I was last nightThere was something ‘boutthe crowd and the neon lightWhen I saw you holdingup the station wallSmiling ‘bout as prettyas a porcelain doll I couldn’t help but wonder baby if you mightSee me as

  • 03:49 Popular Foy Vance - She Burns (Live) / Lyrics

    Foy Vance - She Burns (Live) / Lyrics

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    She is a little explosion of hopeNever turns the lights down lowShe can go there if you wanna thoughThere are no markings on her country roadsNo signs that show the way back homeWhen you get there you won’t wanna goI’ve frozen all my desireCov