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  • 04:40 MisterWives - Hurricane (Live)

    MisterWives - Hurricane (Live)

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    Leeches, you're sucking up the lifeCreatures, you're not afraid to fightWe're not letting you steal all that molded usIf you only knew you're made of dust We are not your propertySee with our own clarityEars closed, eyes open, voice won't be brokenWon't d

  • 03:03 Birdy - Beautiful Lies (Live)

    Birdy - Beautiful Lies (Live)

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    [Verse 1]Beautiful liesCover my eyes with your handsJust pretend we're betterTurn out the lightThere are no more surprises to comeLet's be numb together [Pre-Chorus]The world's so fast and nothing lastsLet's save it while we can [Chorus]Cause I want to be

  • 03:49 Passenger - Caravan (Live)

    Passenger - Caravan (Live)

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    Pour the petrol can, around this caravanAnd watch the flames take all you ownThere's a girl that understandsLike the back of her two handsShe's all you need to know Cause you search for years but you lose everything you findThere's braille for the deaf an

  • 02:36 Zara Larsson - Don’t (Live)

    Zara Larsson - Don’t (Live)

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    Don't, don't play with her, don't be dishonest (Aye)Still not understandin' this logic (Aye)I'm back and I'm better (And I'm better)I want you bad as everDon't let me just let upI wanna give you betterBaby, it's whateverSomebody gotta step upGirl, I'm tha

  • 04:00 Future - March Madness (Live)

    Future - March Madness (Live)

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    Dress it up and make it real for meWhatever that fucking means Dirty soda in a styrofoamSpend a day to get my mind blownDress it up and go to Nassau200 miles on the dashAnd gotta roll a pound up and gas itSwitching lanes in a Grand RapideWe the ones that

  • 06:29 Shawn Mendes - Ruin (Live)

    Shawn Mendes - Ruin (Live)

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    Ooh yeah,Do you think about me?YeahAnd ooh , yeahDo you feel the same way, babe?And ooh, yeahDo you remember how we felt, baby?'Cause I do, so listen to me, babeWoah oh And I'm not tryina ruin your happiness, babyBut darling don't you know thatI'm the onl

  • 04:13 Jon Bellion - Human (Acoustic)

    Jon Bellion - Human (Acoustic)

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    I always fear that I'm not living rightSo I feel guilty when I go to churchThe pastor tells me I've been saved I'm fine.So please explain to me why my chest still hurts. I spent four thousand on the Mart McFlysYet I'm still petrified of going brokeThere's

  • 03:50 Jon Bellion - All Time Low (Acoustic)

    Jon Bellion - All Time Low (Acoustic)

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    Low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low /x2 I was the knight in shining armor in your movieWould put your lips on mine and love the aftertasteNow I'm a ghost, I call your name, you look right through meYou're the reason I'm alone and masturbate I, yea

  • 05:23 Declan McKenna - Paracetamol (Live)

    Declan McKenna - Paracetamol (Live)

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    HOMEARTISTSRADIOThere's a boy, fifteen, with a gun in his handAnd the people with no audience say should be hangedThey ask for his motive but they don't understandWhy they love like they do, like they doThere's a girl, fifteen, with her head in a nooseBec

  • 06:03 Disclosure - Moving Mountains (Live)

    Disclosure - Moving Mountains (Live)

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    I can't stopWhether you know or notI ain't strongAnd it's something in you that I'm dependent onWorth a shotEven though I've lost the plotI know it's wrongBut it's something in you that I'm dependent on Not going out tonightStay home until daylightI'm han

  • 02:43 The Weeknd - Earned It (At 2016 Oscars) (Live)

    The Weeknd - Earned It (At 2016 Oscars) (Live)

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    [Verse 1]You make it look like it's magic (oh yeah)Cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, youI'm never confusedHey, heyI'm so used to being used [Pre-Hook]So I love when you call unexpectedCause I hate when the moment's expectedSo Imma care for you, you

  • 03:23 Kelsea Ballerini - Square Pegs (Live)

    Kelsea Ballerini - Square Pegs (Live)

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    La da da da da da da da da /x2 What if we were all the same?Same rules, same gameAnd we weren't allowed to change anything about anythingThat anybody's ever done before?Wouldn't that be boring?, yeah Always spinning on a ride, all walking on a lineThat th