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  • 05:00 Chris Tomlin - Indescribable (Live)

    Chris Tomlin - Indescribable (Live)

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    From the highest of heights to the depths of the seaCreation's revealing your majestyFrom the colors of fall to the fragrance of springEvery creature unique in the song that it singsAll exclaiming Indescribable, uncontainableYou placed the stars in the sk

  • 03:45 JoJo / Zayn - Pillowtalk  (LIVE) (Cover)

    JoJo / Zayn - Pillowtalk (LIVE) (Cover)

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    Climb on boardWe'll go slow and high tempoLight and darkHold me hard and mellow I'm seeing the pain, seeing the pleasureNobody but you, 'body but me'Body but us, bodies together (x2)I love to hold you close, tonight and alwaysI love to wake up next to you

  • 03:54 U2 - Miracle Drug / Live

    U2 - Miracle Drug / Live

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    I want to trip inside your headSpend the day there…To hear the things you haven’t saidAnd see what you might see I want to hear you when you callDo you feel anything at all?I want to see your thoughts take shapeAnd walk right out Freedom has

  • 08:46 City and Colour - Woman (Live)

    City and Colour - Woman (Live)

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    Woman, my love is never endingLike a sea without a shoreWoman, I'm a fool guilty of old crimesBut you are the one I adoreWoman, when the world has emptiedAnd the planet is covered in dustI will stand beneath the silver moon risingWaiting to resurrect our

  • 05:06 Rend Collective - One And Only (Live)

    Rend Collective - One And Only (Live)

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    Who spoke and taught the sun to riseWhose lips proclaimed the birth of light?Who sparked the kindling of stars?And set the fire in our hearts Who sang as planets learned their danceWho poured the oceans from His Hands?Whose breath awakened life from dust?

  • 03:09 Shawn Mendes - I Don't Even Know Your Name (Live)

    Shawn Mendes - I Don't Even Know Your Name (Live)

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    Oh, you waited so longSometimes it's hard to stand outAnd you don't have to do anything elseBut be yourselfYou, you dressed up so niceBut all I could see was your eyesThen the crowd came and pulled you awayThen you were gone And I don't even know your nam

  • 02:02 ADDA - BalAdda de 8 Martie (LIVE) / Versuri

    ADDA - BalAdda de 8 Martie (LIVE) / Versuri

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    Suntem femei, ce rezolvareCordelute si fustite in scolile generaleNe imbracau in roz, de parca nu era alta culoareNe invata sa fim dragute, doamna educatoare Gingasa si delicata, niste pietre nestemateStralucind in tacere, ca o stea in miez de noapteDevre

  • 02:22 Popular Delia - Multumesc, iubita mama (Live) / Versuri

    Delia - Multumesc, iubita mama (Live) / Versuri

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    Multumesc, iubita mamaSteaua mea din zori de ziFara tine imi este teamaCa planeta s-ar raci Fara tine imi este teamaCa planeta s-ar raci Te-am secatuit de vlagaM-ai crescut, m-ai infloritPentru tine, mama dragaSoarele a rasarit Pentru tine, mama dragaSoar

  • 02:22 Pepe - Mama Mea (Live) / Versuri

    Pepe - Mama Mea (Live) / Versuri

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    Cu atata bunatate si durereCu atata dragoste si mangaiereNumai ea, ea stiaCand mi-e rau si cand mi-e bineMama mea Ochii ei scaldati in lacrimi de iubireMa intampina mereu cu bucurieNumai ea, mama meaE cea mai scumpa fiinta-n lumeMama mea Nici in doua viet

  • 02:03 Yandel Ft. Lil jon Y Becky G - Take It Off (Live) / Letra

    Yandel Ft. Lil jon Y Becky G - Take It Off (Live) / Letra

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    [Yandel] Me pregunto como si no supiera nada Que cuál era mi nombre y temblabaY yo le dije Yandel Ella dijo no puede ser Así se nos da y salimos A solas permítame Siente el ritmo Siguele excitándome Yo te convenzo Matamos tiemp

  • 03:43 James Bay - Running (Live)

    James Bay - Running (Live)

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    When my heart is ready to burstWhen the world spins in reverseI'll keep runningTo the place where I belong When you go turn down the lightNo one's here to hold you in the nightI'll keep runningTo the place where I belongWhen you think you're on your ownI'

  • 03:51 Popular Sílvia Perez Cruz - No hay tanto pan / Letra

    Sílvia Perez Cruz - No hay tanto pan / Letra

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    Hay un gallo que llora y que grita, Despierta, despierta; despierta prudente, qUe esto duele te arrasa, te mata, te irrita, Que suerte la tuya, tan cruda y maldita. Reza de día, de noche y no almuerza Se cree mala madre y también mala hija &