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  • 04:01 Louane - Tourne (Live)

    Louane - Tourne (Live)

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    Il fait nuit dehorsJ’ai besoin d’oxygène encoreA la semaine prochaineSi le vent te ramèneJ’ai pris froid hierJ’ai attendu des heures entièresA marcher sur les toitsJ’ai tant besoin de toiEt moi, je sais q

  • 03:18 Jamala - 1944 (Ukraine) Eurovision Song Contest

    Jamala - 1944 (Ukraine) Eurovision Song Contest

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    When strangers are coming They come to your house They kill you all And sayWe’re not guilty Not guilty Where is your mind? Humanity cries You think you are gods But everyone dies Don't swallow my soul Our souls (x2)Yaşlığıma toyalmadım Men bu yerde

  • 02:47 Allen Stone - Where You're At (Live)

    Allen Stone - Where You're At (Live)

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    I keep my dirt on the surface so you don't gotta digThe people didn't make me nervous,tried to hide all their sinsAnd I've got no reason to cover my tracksThe best part of learningis just loving where you're at So love where you're atLove where you're atA

  • 04:27 Kacy Hill - Shades of Blue (Live)

    Kacy Hill - Shades of Blue (Live)

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    I should have known this timeThat you couldn't hold me rightIf you've got the moonyou don't need my lightWhat am I to you?I've covered up these signsThat tangle in words and wineWhen your world comes throughI’ll be left in mineWhat am I to you? I do

  • 02:45 Selena Gomez - Feel Me (Live)

    Selena Gomez - Feel Me (Live)

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    No one love you like I love you (I never cheated, never lied) I never put no one above you I gave you space and time(And now you're telling me you miss me) And I'm still on your mind We were one in a million Our love is hard to find... (Do you stay up lat

  • 03:47 Alicia Keys - Hallelujah / Live (Audio)

    Alicia Keys - Hallelujah / Live (Audio)

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    There's a hole in my heart I've been hiding I've been strong for so long that I'm blindIs there a place I can go wherethe lonely river flows? Where fear ends and faith begins Hallelujah, hallelujah, let me in I've been praying but I'm paying for my sins W

  • 04:04 Dagny - Backbeat (Live)

    Dagny - Backbeat (Live)

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    Right nowYou got me feeling like I can’t believe I let you goI’ve been alone so longAnd now I wonder what the hell we were thinking ofOh I can’t believe I kid myself again, againNow I’m letting goOh my fear, all my fearI’ve b

  • 03:35 Rationale - Fuel To The Fire (Live)

    Rationale - Fuel To The Fire (Live)

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    Imagine if we had a choiceYeah I bet we'd add fuel to the fireAnd yeah imagine if we had a voiceWhat would we say that'd just deny us? Gone are the days of virtue and honorRights that we fought for,burn down the wallLet it never be said thatWe truly learn

  • 04:36 The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues (Live)

    The Neighbourhood - Daddy Issues (Live)

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    Take you like a drugTaste you on my tongue Ask me what I'm thinking aboutI'll tell you that I'm thinking aboutWhatever you're thinking aboutTell me something that I won't forgetBut you might have to tell me againIt's crazy what you do for a friend Go ahea

  • 07:04 Adam Levine and Train - Purple Rain Read (Live)

    Adam Levine and Train - Purple Rain Read (Live)

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    I never meant to cause you any sorrowI never meant to cause you any painI only wanted to one time to see you laughingI only wanted to see youLaughing in the purple rain Purple rain, purple rain /x3I only wanted to see youBathing in the purple rain I never

  • 03:26 Ellie Goulding - Codes (Live)

    Ellie Goulding - Codes (Live)

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    Damn, boy you make it hardShouldn't need a riddle to unlock your heartSo, say what's on your mindWe got other things that we could do with ourTime, we could rule the worldKnow you say you never need another girlBut, you're not making senseTrying to keep i

  • 03:59 Jasmine Thompson - 7 Years / Lukas Graham (Cover)

    Jasmine Thompson - 7 Years / Lukas Graham (Cover)

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    Once I was seven years old my momma told meGo make yourself some friends or you'll be lonelyOnce I was seven years old It was a big big world, but we thought we were biggerPushing each other to the limits, we were learning quickerBy eleven smoking herb an