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  • 05:57 Popular Andrea Bocelli x Tori Kelly - The Prayer (live)

    Andrea Bocelli x Tori Kelly - The Prayer (live)

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    I pray you'll be our eyesAnd watch us where we goAnd help us to be wiseIn times when we don't knowLet this be our prayerWhen we lose our wayLead us to a placeGuide us with your graceTo a place where we'll be safeLa luce che tu haiI pray we'll find your li

  • 01:03 Popular Nikola Rokvic - Zavoli (Live) / Tekst

    Nikola Rokvic - Zavoli (Live) / Tekst

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    Pogledaj čoveka svaki ti je bratzar sebe mrziš to sa kim to vodiš ratU svakom kuca srce istoi svako voli život Reci lepu reč,pruži zagrljajtužnim licima osmeh nacrtaji sve će biti bolje mestoza sve nas Zavoli čoveka o tebizavoli sve ljude u

  • 03:09 Frances - Borrowed Time (Live)

    Frances - Borrowed Time (Live)

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    There is nothing that I won't doBut I think I'm starting to strainHave I done something to hurt you?Cause it's not been feeling the same Maybe I've been seeing salt in the sandI should know it's all in my headBut a question I know I have to ask Are we in

  • 04:19 Enrique Bunbury - Dos clavos a mis alas (Live)

    Enrique Bunbury - Dos clavos a mis alas (Live)

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    Aquí y allá no he buscado Enfrentarme con nadie, Sé que puedo vivir unos días sin aire,Pero es mejor respirar, y así me va... La actitud no es moneda de cambio, Este año te dejan a un lado, Y mañana te deja

  • 07:22 Jack Garratt - The Love You’re Given (Live)

    Jack Garratt - The Love You’re Given (Live)

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    Take all of the love you're givenThrough the gap in the wallSeal it tight with light blue ribbonThen unlock the doorBut your ego won't let you loveAnd your fear is your downfallIf you won't take the love you're givenThen at least let me goPlease let me go

  • 04:27 TLF - Inconditionnel luv' (Live) / Paroles

    TLF - Inconditionnel luv' (Live) / Paroles

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    Inconditionnel luv', luv', luv' /x2 Désolé my friendMais la vie m'a endurciJ'essaye de contenir ma haineSans trop me juger j'me sens bien comme je suisAmour inconditionnelParce qu'on refait le monde qu'avec des siIl n'y aura pas d'happy endS

  • 04:01 Jordin Sparks - They Don’t Give (Live)

    Jordin Sparks - They Don’t Give (Live)

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    Baby, baby, they say we ain't gon' make itBut I know, they don't give an eff about usThe way they hating, that's clear they just can't take itBut God knows, they don't know a thing about loveIf we're gonna make it through whatever, don't let them hateCaus

  • 03:59 Rihanna - Love On The Brain (Live)

    Rihanna - Love On The Brain (Live)

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    And you got me like,"Oh, what you want from me?"(What you want from me?)And I tried to buy your pretty heart,but the price too highBaby you got me like "Oh"You love when I fall apart (fall apart)So you can put me togetherand throw me against the wall Baby

  • 03:46 Ariana Grande - Side to Side (Live)

    Ariana Grande - Side to Side (Live)

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    I've been here all night, ArianaI've been here all day, Nicki MinajAnd boy, got me walkin' side to sideLet them hoes know I'm talkin' to yaSee you standing over there with your bodyFeeling like I wanna rock with your bodyAnd we don't gotta think 'bout not

  • 03:16 Ariana Grande - Everyday (Live)

    Ariana Grande - Everyday (Live)

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    Anytime I'm alone,I can't help thinking about youAll I want, all I need,honestly, it's just me and you (x2)He giving me that good shitThat make me not quit, that good shit (x2)Oh, he give it to meEveryday, everyday, everydayHe give it to meEveryday, every

  • 03:33 Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (Live)

    Blake Shelton - Honey Bee (Live)

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    Girl, I been thinking 'bout usAnd you know I ain't good at this stuffThese feelings piling up won't give me no restThis might come out a little crazyA little sideways, yeah maybeI don't know how long it'll take mebut I'll do my best You'll be my soft and

  • 04:25 Meghan Trainor - Hopeless Romantic (Live)

    Meghan Trainor - Hopeless Romantic (Live)

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    Ever after comes after we meetI think the movies were lying to meOh my, how they lieKnow I'm ready to give you my heartJust gotta find you so we can startOh yeah, but till thenI gotta be patientBut I'm tired of waiting I'm just a hopeless romanticLooking