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  • 03:34 MUTEMATH - Monument (Official Audio)

    MUTEMATH - Monument (Official Audio)

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    There's a daylight going underThere's a new spark to discoverAnd you know we're not getting any youngerSo remember, this is our time I want to drive an open roadCan we go out tonightAnything goesLet's make a monument for our loveLet's make a monument for

  • 04:36 Smoaj - Flickering (Feat. Common Souls) / Lyrics

    Smoaj - Flickering (Feat. Common Souls) / Lyrics

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    Need another minute, I won't forget your faceMemories faded, it goes on and on againI need another secondNow you're just a traceMy memory flickers It goes on and on again (x2)Maybe you'll find a new hopeMaybe you'll be happierI'm praying that I won't forg

  • 03:56 Penthouse Penthouse feat. Bobby Saint - 69' Camaro

    Penthouse Penthouse feat. Bobby Saint - 69' Camaro

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    Doing a buck 15, got the Shawty with meShe's fucking sexy, ride with something meShe put her head on my lap, one sip, one strapI got a promise with thatGot me swerving, what the fuck is swervingOho, you got me to pull over, yeahOh baby, before I crash my

  • 02:48 Diet Cig - Dinner Date / Lyrics

    Diet Cig - Dinner Date / Lyrics

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    I had the lamest day to theDaddy daughter danceMaybe that's why I don't like To fucking slow danceAnd my mom said don't buy batch to floorsThey won't lastWell she's right 'cause her friend should be seen the path And I go through these pain pillsPeople an

  • 04:32 Raz Simone  -  Massa Sir / Lyrics

    Raz Simone - Massa Sir / Lyrics

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    (x2)Can I rip it like massa sirWhile my wrist put in timeMake that dope, jump and say massa sirWhip it like massa sirOh lord, in the field with the pipeMoving work all night like massa sir I got more chains than a fucking slaveAnd I still work for them Je

  • 03:15 Popular Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In And Out Of Love (Lost Frequencies Remix) / Lyrics

    Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon den Adel - In And Out Of Love (Lost Frequencies Remix) / Lyrics

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    EN lyrics / Traduction francaisSee the mirror in your eyesVois ce miroir dans ton regard,See the truth behind the liesvois la vérité derrière les mensonges...Your lies are haunting meTes mensonges me hantent... See the reason in your

  • 04:53 Shawn Mendes - Memories / Lyrics

    Shawn Mendes - Memories / Lyrics

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    When I wake up to your footsteps As you get up out of bed They make a sound that sounds so simple Yet dances in my head A melody so perfect That it gets me through the day And the thought of us forever Is one that won't ever go away All I need to know is

  • 03:45 Bon Jovi - I’m Your Man (Lyric Video)

    Bon Jovi - I’m Your Man (Lyric Video)

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    When your heart is hungry When you want a secret you can keep You know that you can call me Anytime for anything you need No one asking questions No need for alibis No need for wasting words I'm who I am I'm your man No job that I can't handle There ain't

  • James Chatburn - We Drink

    James Chatburn - We Drink

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    What's up, you're saying not to believeWithout a cane next dictating how we move out feetI'm broken, straight into the headYou gotta question what it is that makes this hard to bait'Cause I didn't think it'd make much sense to themWhat I have left is my r

  • PRIES - Tatoos

    PRIES - Tatoos

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    I like bad bitches and tattoosFace carved up like war woundsBad bitches and tattoosI like bad bitches and tattoosI could fit your home in my living roomSee I tried to tell y'all a year agoBut we know how that shit goNo one cares if you make itNow these bi

  • Popular Pale Waves - Heavenly

    Pale Waves - Heavenly

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    Honey you got me like the sunset viewI wanna wait this place to wait with youWe're moving slow, we greed around our faceI gotta stay, gotta stay in this place This light is electricAnd I won't forget itYou're so heavenly, you're so heavenlyBut don't you k

  • Brian McFadden - Call On Me Brother

    Brian McFadden - Call On Me Brother

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    Call on me brother, I'll be thereYes when you're under, I'll be thereI ain't got no money, ain't got no carBut call my name and I won't be farJust call on me brother, I'll be there!Two young boys sitting around not doing muchWell the boys grew up too soon