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  • Miley Cyrus - Freaky

    Miley Cyrus - Freaky

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    In your bed or in your carOn the Earth or up in the starsI wanna be where you areEven if that means going too farAt your place or up in spaceYou can, you can meet me out,As long as I see your faceI wanna be where you areEven if that means letting go of my

  • 04:22 ¡MAYDAY! - All The Time

    ¡MAYDAY! - All The Time

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    You had a lot of friends,But you walked them all awayNot worry about tomorrow,Cause you've been living in todayOnly your word is credibleYou've been put on a pedestalBut it don't even registerYou like giving them spaceYou like breaking them gamesKiddy cha

  • 03:04 Mattyas - So Criminal (Official Single)

    Mattyas - So Criminal (Official Single)

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    I can’t stop I’m loving youI want more or two of youGive me give me your loveYou know I can’t get enough Tell me how I make you mineCause I’m waiting for a signOh my love we’ll fly aboveOn my magical rug And we can run awayFr

  • 04:00 Young Empires - Uncover Your Eyes (Audio)

    Young Empires - Uncover Your Eyes (Audio)

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    I used to be afraid of myselfSo I covered my eyesOh I was blinded byFear of the devil insideAnd what I've become And now I knowAnd now I seeThat I'm my own worst enemyAnd now I knowAnd now I seeThat I'm my own worst enemy My wondering eyes keep telling me

  • 04:54 Tangina Stone - Wasn't Love Cafe (Audio)

    Tangina Stone - Wasn't Love Cafe (Audio)

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    We were always headed down the long roadA long road towards destructionI've never known a heart could be so coldBeating 6 degrees below, oho noSometimes I wonder if it would have turned outDifferent had I stayedSometimes I wonder if I would have somewhatG

  • 02:45 Laura Mvula - You Work for Me (Audio)

    Laura Mvula - You Work for Me (Audio)

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    Once on top, you're bound to fallHit the ground like autumn leavesAnd I remember I started it allNow I'm left with nothingBut the memories, when you came crawling backAnd I took you back, told you one thing Do you remember, you work for meDon't forget you

  • Rosie Lowe - Worry Bout Us

    Rosie Lowe - Worry Bout Us

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    Just another loaded questionIf we goAnd I'm tryina find an answerTo please us bothWhat tales then I seeTo let you goI'm not playing some gameYou're the one I choose When you have a second doubtDon't you worry bout, worry bout usWhen shots are ringing outD

  • Erin Stevenson - Hot Damn

    Erin Stevenson - Hot Damn

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    This is the story of the life and loveAnd what happens when love is lostHOT DAMN,Just another girl in the roomThat's broken hearted, broken heartedHOT DAMN,Got mixed up with the bad boys and it startedAnd out my mind to get youI made you look, not even tr

  • Elderbrook - Travel Slow

    Elderbrook - Travel Slow

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    I saw your ghost todayOne smile and I'll be your wayOh, I found this place in the shadeTo sit down and waitUh, oh oh do you remember me?Oh, uh uh do you remember me? Oh, you leave me quietly'Cause you don't say when you goOh, gon' lie to me'Cause you know

  • 03:47 HONNE - Loves The Jobs You Hate

    HONNE - Loves The Jobs You Hate

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    So here we areHead to headYou spin my waySince I don't know whenYou kid yourselfBy telling me you are who you are,You are who you areI'm sorry mateYou're not my dateYou wish you wereYou wished it badYou come in here spading more than who you areYou are wh

  • Mod Sun - Lighthouse

    Mod Sun - Lighthouse

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    I wanna live in a lifeI was alone on the seaSleep with the wavesand let them drown in meAnd I won't take a breathUnless I got one to leaveNow I am lonely, but I don't miss a thing How is your taxis?How is your traffic?How is the weather?Are you getting al

  • 04:23 Banoffee - With Her

    Banoffee - With Her

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    Remember sitting in your car You hand on mine while I was driving youWith subtle movement filled with nutsAnd beats of ??? they just swept right throughThe denim of my jeans you breatheLike a dead shorelineYour eyes so honest like a child'sFelt like you'r