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  • 03:37 M.O ft. Kent Jones - Not In Love (Official video)

    M.O ft. Kent Jones - Not In Love (Official video)

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    You're always drunk when yo come aroundI know you think that you got me downFunny 'cause you couldn't be more wrong ADVERTISINGinRead invented by TeadsI'll be right back, I bet you hate that I'm done tryna talk with your speakers loudYou don't give me non

  • 03:48 Empire Cast ft. Jussie Smollett - Born to Win (Video)

    Empire Cast ft. Jussie Smollett - Born to Win (Video)

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    Feel the heat when I ignite my fireFeel the freeze when my heart turns coldThese chains can't hold me back no longerRight now, I'm here to free my soulWhen I'm up, I see the world much higherWhen I'm down, I don't feel so lowI dust the dirt off my shoulde

  • 05:27 Myrath - Endure the Silence (Lyric Video)

    Myrath - Endure the Silence (Lyric Video)

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    I'm just an eagleCaught in a wind of madnessI get attracted to that fire in your eyes I'm gravitatingTurning and revolvingI cannot fight youFlee from your light It hurts, the joy's too curtWhy don't we reach for the lightIt's fun, I try to runBut never fe

  • 04:03 David Bowie - No Plan (Video)

    David Bowie - No Plan (Video)

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    Here, there's no music hereI'm lost in streams of soundHere, am I nowhere now?No plan Wherever I may goJust whereJust thereI am All of the things that are my lifeMy desiresMy beliefsMy moodsHere is my place without a plan HereSecond AvenueJust out of view

  • 03:30 Lyon Hart - Falling for You (Video)

    Lyon Hart - Falling for You (Video)

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    Lay my hands downAnd let you take ‘emWe’ll fall asleep if you stayIf I fell down I wonder if you’d catch meNo I trip on all your wiresClimb onto your ropeI swore I’d never let you haveWhat you don’t deserve again Saw you melt

  • 03:23 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - So Close (Lyric Video)

    Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - So Close (Lyric Video)

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    We cross a countryIn an airplane with the wings on fireHanging from the seatbelt signThat’s the one thingThere’s no safety in desirePreserving life is as good as dying And these could be the best or darkest daysThe lines we walk are paper thin

  • 03:25 Rascal Flatts - Yours If You Want It (Lyric Video)

    Rascal Flatts - Yours If You Want It (Lyric Video)

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    There's one more sip in this bottle of wineA lonely star hangin' in the sky with a wish left on itAnd it's yours if you want itAnd this wildflower from the neighbor's yardA real slow dance in the moonlight darkThis hand in my pocketOh baby, just call itCa

  • 03:46 Britt Nicole - Pave (Video)

    Britt Nicole - Pave (Video)

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    I love when it's rainingThe way it hits the pavement (do do do do)And bounces onto your skinYeah I just wanna be it Say you wanna get outta hereSomewhere where the skies are clearI know just the place to goIf we never make it thereI don't care if you don'

  • 03:46 Luke Bryan - You Look Like Rain (Lyric Video)

    Luke Bryan - You Look Like Rain (Lyric Video)

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    You and your Sunday morningsMe and my Saturday nightsYou and all your colorsMe and my black and whitesYou and your lacing cottonUp against my whiskey skinSaving me the way you always do, yeah 'Cause I'm hell up here on a high wireYou're the hallelujah kin

  • 07:01 The Paper Kites - Too Late (Official Video)

    The Paper Kites - Too Late (Official Video)

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    MagneticYour'e pulling me in withthe words you told me you'd sayCinematicThis chemistry coming through You're always in my headBranding your fight on my lipsBut this still won't work, no No love, you have come too late /x2 Such darkness, but I know your f

  • 03:15 Nightly - XO (Live)

    Nightly - XO (Live)

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    You say you want it allI feel it half the timeI'm still trying to find myselfYou make me lose my mind I can't focus when you're with meI can't sleep when I'm aloneIn this half life that I'm livingI love you but I gotta let go, Xo, Xo /x2I love you but I g

  • 03:24 flor - Hold On (Official Video)

    flor - Hold On (Official Video)

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    You come to lifeWhen all the people on the streets start to riseAnd the sun starts to open up our eyesWe can make this moment stay with us for a while You can count on it, I'm where you left meI can count on you, to show me the wayWe can keep it light, we