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  • 03:46 Gryffin, Bipolar Sunshine - Whole Heart (Audio)

    Gryffin, Bipolar Sunshine - Whole Heart (Audio)

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    We got problems in the streets againDrowning in the violence, it's getting pretty tenseA lot of hunger in the faces I seeA lot of bitterness, communal emptinessDon't trust the water, friendChemicals hide with the skeletonsDon't trust that false pretenseCo

  • 04:11 David Bowie - When I Met You (Audio)

    David Bowie - When I Met You (Audio)

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    You knew just everythingBut nothing at allNow the moon is darkFeels like pain againYou could feel my breathYou opened my eyesFor I could not seeWhen I met you When I met you (You're feeling again)I could not speak (You're drowning in pain)You opened my mo

  • 03:25 Adamjlss - A Bit More (Official Video)

    Adamjlss - A Bit More (Official Video)

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    Hey baby know I'm for youAnd adore youWanna give a bit moreYou crave the way I feel youCan you tell me if you wanna a bit moreYou ride I'm on itIf you call me I'mma give you a bit more (Verse) All my neigbours know me how I pay homageFor youuuuuuuWhen I s

  • 03:01 VALNTN feat. Emilia Ali - Can't Let Go (Audio)

    VALNTN feat. Emilia Ali - Can't Let Go (Audio)

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    Stick around just like cigarette smokeLike a dream I fell asleep but I never wokeThey say you bad but I just can't let goYou get me high like cocaine make my heart raceYou got me hooked need you even more the next dayI know you're there but I just can't l

  • 03:51 The Menzingers - After The Party

    The Menzingers - After The Party

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    It's the little things my mind commitsTo etch behind my eyelidsLike getting stoned when we wake upCoffee grounds and coffee cupsYour silhouette in high top sneakersAnd hardcore from laptop speakersThe classics to the more obscureFrom Minor Threat to your

  • 03:12 Japandroids - No Known Drink Or Drug

    Japandroids - No Known Drink Or Drug

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    Passport, past life, a drifter’s demonsAlone, lost, and fast running out of reasonsFor not falling in with the Foreign Legion(Sha na na na, sha na na na na) Cold, kicking the can around town one eveningStreets all abandoned, bars barely breathingA w

  • 03:24 Trella - Crash

    Trella - Crash

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    All the years I kept my heart from beatingHolding back on a twisted shoreAll the years I cried under your demonsAs I latched on to a love so poor 'Cause I was living in the pretenseHiding what I felt in plain charmI'm giving up, giving upI wanna be free t

  • 04:00 DOPE LEMON - Marinade (Video)

    DOPE LEMON - Marinade (Video)

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    She got attacked by a pack of dogsBut she said it's okayI got some wilderness skills beneath my beltShe said she used to be a part of a scout teamThey nearly made her leader one timeBut they didn't have enough thread to sew the patches onAnd she said do y

  • 03:16 Sabrina Claudio - Tell Me (Acoustic Version)

    Sabrina Claudio - Tell Me (Acoustic Version)

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    Help me understand you loveHelp me go the way you want me to go'Cause I can't guess the things that you're thinking soHelp me understand you loveTell me everything you want me to know'Cause I can't fix it 'til I know that it's brokeCan you Tell me you, te

  • 03:05 You Me At Six - Swear (Live)

    You Me At Six - Swear (Live)

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    Where are you now?And I've been checking outAll the places that you might be atWell, this is my townWord gets aroundAnd I don't think you have a hideout This life's a tuneWe know the movesBut you've been working with two left feetSo, what are you waiting

  • 03:15 Sting - One Fine Day (Official Video)

    Sting - One Fine Day (Official Video)

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    Optimists say,The future's just a place we've never been.Histories say,We're doomed to make the same mistakes again. Between the two I can't decide,Really I must choose a side.I guess I’ll wake up smarter,One fine day. Apologists say,The weather's j

  • 03:49 Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa - No Lie (Official Video)

    Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa - No Lie (Official Video)

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    Feel your eyes, they're all over meDon't be shy, take control of meGet the vibe, it's gonna be lit tonight Baby Girl, You A Carry Ten Ton A FatnessGive Me Some of ThatMixed With The Badness , Look How She HotShape Like Godness, But A Nuh Just ThatIs A Goo