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  • 04:00 DOPE LEMON - Marinade (Video)

    DOPE LEMON - Marinade (Video)

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    She got attacked by a pack of dogsBut she said it's okayI got some wilderness skills beneath my beltShe said she used to be a part of a scout teamThey nearly made her leader one timeBut they didn't have enough thread to sew the patches onAnd she said do y

  • 03:16 Sabrina Claudio - Tell Me (Acoustic Version)

    Sabrina Claudio - Tell Me (Acoustic Version)

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    Help me understand you loveHelp me go the way you want me to go'Cause I can't guess the things that you're thinking soHelp me understand you loveTell me everything you want me to know'Cause I can't fix it 'til I know that it's brokeCan you Tell me you, te

  • 03:05 You Me At Six - Swear (Live)

    You Me At Six - Swear (Live)

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    Where are you now?And I've been checking outAll the places that you might be atWell, this is my townWord gets aroundAnd I don't think you have a hideout This life's a tuneWe know the movesBut you've been working with two left feetSo, what are you waiting

  • 03:15 Sting - One Fine Day (Official Video)

    Sting - One Fine Day (Official Video)

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    Optimists say,The future's just a place we've never been.Histories say,We're doomed to make the same mistakes again. Between the two I can't decide,Really I must choose a side.I guess I’ll wake up smarter,One fine day. Apologists say,The weather's j

  • 03:49 Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa - No Lie (Official Video)

    Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa - No Lie (Official Video)

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    Feel your eyes, they're all over meDon't be shy, take control of meGet the vibe, it's gonna be lit tonight Baby Girl, You A Carry Ten Ton A FatnessGive Me Some of ThatMixed With The Badness , Look How She HotShape Like Godness, But A Nuh Just ThatIs A Goo

  • 06:53 PERIPHERY - Habitual Line-Stepper (Audio)

    PERIPHERY - Habitual Line-Stepper (Audio)

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    We walked the lineLiving in a state of mind controlled by a tyrantMistakes burnNever did he learn to back off and spit that shitI'm that motherfucker picking in your old brain and stealing sleepTake the dive or keep it alive?Now it's on you Your tower is

  • 03:02 Against The Current - Forget Me Now (Lyric Video)

    Against The Current - Forget Me Now (Lyric Video)

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    Dear whoever, do you remember?It's me, old whatshernameCan't believe it, you ain't dreamingI don't look quite the same But history repeats itselfI kept making a sceneI kept raising hellNow they call me a queenAnd you're under my spellTell me how does it f

  • 03:43 Dryjacket - Spelling Era

    Dryjacket - Spelling Era

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    The post- it’s are color codedStuck above your monitor at workTo honor the deceased who wrote it No throwing under hand you poorly postured young manPlant feet in proper stance and fight the tideSwing, swing /x2 Phone lines decorated, eyes open knee

  • 03:57 Ferreck Dawn - Higher

    Ferreck Dawn - Higher

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    It's a funny feelingwhen you're living your life facing the doorI can't even describe myself,I wish I knew how to obey the rules To you oeh /x7 I've been trying to sell the oldAlways wanting back want its soulThere's a hole where you used to liveStill I c

  • 03:02 Slaves - Hypnotised (Video)

    Slaves - Hypnotised (Video)

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    On a glassy eyed stare, a passing ideaHold on just a minute let me stop you right therePick yourself up boy, dust yourself downNothing going on in this imaginary townItalian cars, reality stars, fuck noFuck no. no thank you Video games, eating your brains

  • 04:22 Arcane Roots - Curtains (Official Audio)

    Arcane Roots - Curtains (Official Audio)

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    Lately can you feel your pulse wanting to leave?The hollow dust feels like a friendYou have no need to grow oldYour muscles will seize, your organs frozen like meatBut it sounds like... I know you're feeling aloneCaught out at seaThe chains at your feet,

  • 04:21 ONE OK ROCK - We Are (Official Video)

    ONE OK ROCK - We Are (Official Video)

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    They think we're no one,We`re nothing, not sorry They push usIt's too late, it's too lateNot going back They think we are made upOf all of our failuresThey think we are foolishAnd that's how the story goes They stand for nothingThey're lifeless and coldAn